Music Web Apps I Enjoy

The first version of this post was posted on my Sound Immersion blog in 2012.

I’ve been enjoying music for years, and for a long time I had narrowed my interests down to Trance, Dance, and electronic music. In more recent years, I’ve expanded that electronic music interest by discovering new sub-genres or variations of electronic music, by listening to music online. Here are some of the music web apps I use.


SoundCloud –

This extremely popular site allows listening to songs by both famous and unknown artists, commenting on specific time spots on a song, following artists, uploading one’s own music, and downloading tracks marked as downloadable.

Jango –

Jango is the best online “radio” I’ve found. I can type in an artist’s name and it creates a “radio station” with music from that artist and similar artists. If I don’t like a song on the station, I can click “thumbs down” and prevent it from being played again, or prevent any songs from that artist being played again. And it has nearly every artist I’ve ever looked for in the past 2+ years. It’s an excellent way to discover new artists who are similar to artists I already like. It’s also excellent for a steady stream of good music to listen to while working on the computer.

Jamendo –

Free music uploaded by artists, all downloadable. Lots of great music, lots of unique and interesting music. This is the site where I first started to enjoy breakbeat and drumnbass music, both of which can sound awesome at loud volume when driving.

MixCloud –

Artists can upload mixes: long sets of songs mixed together. Artists range from major to minor (famous to unknown). I haven’t seen a way to download songs yet, but some of the mixes are very good. The long mixes make great music for listening while working.

ReverbNation –

This is a pleasant web app for artists to distribute their music online. Some artists make some tracks downloadable. I haven’t noticed famous artists on this site, but I’ve only just started using it recently. The user interface can be a bit difficult to use at times, but once used to it it’s pretty smooth, and free music is always good. I enjoy exploring and have found some great tracks to download, which makes it a very worthwhile web app.

PureVolume –

PureVolume is a web site where artists can distribute their music. It’s similar to ReverbNation in that way. Artists can make their tracks downloadable, so it’s another place to find free tracks to download. I haven’t used it much so far.

EDM is a good place to enjoy the latest Electronic Dance Music in its multiple sub-genres.

Honourable Mentions


I live in Canada, so you may be thinking of various music web apps which you like but aren’t on this list. I’ve come across a number of them that only allow users from the U.S.A. to listen

Formerly Available Apps

Grooveshark –
Grooveshark was the first online music player I found, and it’s still an excellent web app. It contains an immerne database of music, which can be searched for and queued to play. What’s more, I can select any song to be included in “My Music” or added to my favourites, which is like making my own collection of music within Grooveshark. I can also create playlists of songs I enjoy, and return to them later. Grooveshark allows me to upload my own mp3 music and add it to “My Music” on Grooveshark. It has a “radio” feature, where it looks at the songs currently in the queue and select similar songs to play next. However, I’ve found that Jango’s selection of similar music is better than Grooveshark’s “radio”. Overall, it’s a great web app.

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